Encouraging Cru Staff

A glimpse of five thousand Cru Staff members gathered together.

For the first time in three years over 5,000 Cru staff members were able to meet together in the same room. This was an encouragement to Cru staff members who often minister in small teams and can become unsure if their ministry is making a difference.

This time was so encouraging to me as I got to catch up with colleagues from across the county and hear stories about God moving in the lives of teenagers.” – A Cru High School Staff Member

“[The Conference] was amazing! I came back feeling very refreshed and excited about what the Lord is doing around the world. I also got to meet some staff friends that I had only met virtually!” – A Cru Campus Staff Member

“It was an awesome time to see staff I haven’t seen for years, as well as getting refueled with passion and vision for our mission.” – A Cru Athletes in Action Staff Member

The conference has been fantastic. We have been reminded about the goodness of Christ and the vision for the strategic nature of reaching college students.” – A Cru Campus Staff Member

We were encouraged and challenged by the speakers. Nate also helped with the conference finances and setup. Kim helped provide childcare so parents could attend the main meetings without distraction.

Micah and Isaiah both participated in the High School program. This included great speakers, fun field trips, challenging seminars, and a Water Walk Challenge to raise money to build wells in areas without adequate drinking water.

Thank you for your partnership with us! You are an encouragement to us. We are grateful for you!

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