Helping Students Grow

Students deliver “New Year’s Party Boxes” and invite homeowners to attend local church services.

Cru Winter Conference challenges students in their walk with God as they sit under Biblical teaching alongside a thousand other college students from around the country.

They are also trained to share their faith during a Day of Outreach where Cru partners with local churches. Students conduct neighborhood surveys, engage in spiritual conversations, and seek to share the gospel.

Two students from southern Colorado approached the Day of Outreach from different places. Zach was used to sharing his faith but felt he was going through the motions. Aspasia prayed the morning of the Outreach that God would allow her to see someone place their faith in Christ.

Aspasia said, “I had heard of other people leading someone to faith. I never thought I would experience that myself.”

Together they approached their first house and asked James, a Dallas homeowner, if he would be willing to take a neighborhood survey. He agreed, but at first he was quiet and seemed disinterested. As they continued, they discovered he was spiritually curious and looking for something that would truly satisfy.

Using the GodTools app, Zach and Aspasia shared the hope James could have by trusting Jesus to forgive his sins. After hearing this, he told them that he had been living life without Jesus and that he wanted to change. Immediately, James prayed to receive Jesus!

This moment changed James, Aspasia, and Zach. Thank you for partnering with us as our behind-the-scenes service enables Cru to host conferences and outreaches. We are grateful for you!

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