Specific Prayers Answered

Cru staff members at Eastern Kentucky University use cookies to connect with students.

Abby was quietly sitting at a table in the Penn State student union sipping her Starbucks and listening to AirPods when a Cru staff member and student greeted her. They had just prayed to be led to a person who wanted to talk about Jesus.

At first, Abby seemed standoffish, but she responded enthusiastically to questions about her worldview. She grew up what she called a “chrester,” someone who goes to church only on Christmas and Easter. However, she started taking Christianity more seriously at the end of high school.

When she got to Penn State, she wanted to prioritize her faith but there were so many distractions she didn’t know where to start. They asked, “Is prioritizing your faith something you want help with?” With a smile on her face, Abby said yes!

Cru staff members in Tallahassee, Florida also saw Jesus answer their specific prayers. They prayed that they would be able to talk about Jesus with someone who had made a New Year’s resolution to know God.

At the end of a day on campus, the staff gathered to share what they experienced. Most of them had long afternoons of “so-so conversations” but two of them were beaming!

A student named Brady had decided to follow Jesus. Guess what opened the door to share the gospel? Brady had made a New Year’s resolution to grow closer to God.

Thank you for partnering with us as our behind-the-scenes service enables Cru staff members to talk with students like Abby and Brady. We are grateful for you!

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