God’s Personal Care Restores

Students from around the world gather in prayer and worship.

Physical and spiritual healing can go hand-in-hand in the Bible.

Hima had never heard that God loves Him personally. He grew up Muslim and experienced God as distant and unknowable. In spite of this, he decided to attend a Cru conference for international students.

The first day of the conference, he was intrigued by videos about God revealing Himself in human form through Jesus.

The next day he was eager to learn more, but a severe morning headache and a spike in his blood pressure kept him from joining the meetings.

He approached a Cru staff member to explain why he needed to be absent. The staff member asked God to heal Hima in the name of Jesus. To Hima’s surprise, his headache quickly subsided! He was convinced of God’s personal care for him.

Later that day, he asked Jesus to become his Savior. Hima told his fiancée about his experience, and the next day she also prayed to receive Christ!

By the end of the conference, two more Middle Eastern students had started to follow Jesus, and the hearts of dozens more were softened by His love and forgiveness.

God is moving in the hearts of international students Thank you for being a part of changing the lives of students like Hima and his fiancée. We are grateful for you!

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