Bringing Hope to Marriages

Bob’s hopes were dashed when his wife walked out minutes into the first Friday evening session: “Are You Living the Dream?” Downcast, he followed her.

Ann continued walking down the long hotel hallway. Bob stopped at the elevators to collect his thoughts. That is when a FamilyLife counselor approached him.

Bob was so embarrassed by his wife’s behavior and his dashed hopes that he barely made eye contact. He couldn’t put into words the pain he was feeling. The counselor briefly asked God to soften hearts, open minds, and heal hurt.

Ann finally rejoined Bob and they left the ballroom area. Not knowing if the couple had left the conference, the counseling team prayed they would return and work through their struggles.

The next morning the counseling team was excited to see Bob and Ann at the session. They attended the rest of the weekend. During the final testimony time, Ann was the first to stand in front of 500 people, declaring, “Bob is the champion of my heart!”

Others have said, “I didn’t expect to fall in love with my husband all over again.” Wife of 10 years.

“Perfect timing… coming off 3-month separation and near divorce.” Husband of 42 years.

“We were greatly encouraged that we have to work towards intimacy and that there is always hope!” Wife of 4 years.

“Our best date night in years. This weekend helped make that happen, and for that, I’m grateful.” Husband of 30 years.

God is using the Cru ministry of FamilyLife to bring hope to hurting marriages and to strengthen solid marriages. We are grateful for you!

Whether your marriage is flourishing or floundering, a Weekend to Remember conference may offer the tools to make immediate and lasting improvements to your relationship.

Normally $350 per couple, Cru ministry partners like you can attend for $100 per couple (plus hotel, parking, and meal costs). Please contact us for the promo code.

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