Joining a Spiritual Journey…

Co-Journers Cover

How can you introduce others to Jesus? Cru creates tools and offers training that helps Christians come alongside others on their journeys.

We often teach three foundational principles:

  1. Everyone is on a spiritual journey.
  2. God is already at work.
  3. God wants to use you.

These three principles are the core of the book CoJourners: Joining Others in Spiritual Journey.

Over lunch during a recent training based on the book, one student told the speaker, “I was so excited when I heard you were our speaker that I squealed.”

“Why?” Keith, a Cru staff member and author of CoJourners, asked.

She told Keith that she had read CoJourners on a Cru mission trip. She is now using it in a Bible study at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. Many in the Bible study were excited to attend the training with her.

A student from Otterbein University in Westerville, OH, also attended the training. He is now meeting with his fraternity brothers to learn about their spiritual journeys. He expects to discover where God is at work in their lives and the role he can play in helping them on their spiritual journeys.

Part of Nate’s role is helping with some of the behind the scenes details that allow Cru to create resources like CoJourners. Thank you for your partnership in this.

What a privilege that we can be a part of helping others on their spiritual journeys!


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