Partnering in Los Angeles

Just a few of the 26 pallets of food and supplies distributed.

Crisis can bring out  the best in people. It can cause people to partner together in new ways.

In early May, Unto, Cru Inner City and Destino, all Cru ministries, partnered with Los Angeles churches to provide supplies and food to those hit hard by Coronavirus lockdowns.

Unto, Cru’s humanitarian aid arm, received pallets of donated food, cleaning supplies and face masks. In normal times they would ship these supplies around the world. However, Unto’s shipping channels were shut down. God had other plans.

Meanwhile Cru staff in Los Angeles discovered a growing need for food, cleaning supplies and masks within the Los Angeles Hispanic community.

They asked Unto for help. Within weeks, Unto had delivered twenty-six pallets of much needed supplies to Los Angeles. Over forty churches picked up supplies for those most in need.

Hillside L.A. Church used the supplies for an outreach at a homeless encampment near their building. Previous ministry there resulted a homeless couple coming to Jesus and getting married in the church. The church even helped them find permanent housing!

Nueva Vida Church served 105 families. Each family received prayer and an opportunity to hear the gospel.

Three Cru ministries and forty churches worked together to impact their communities.

Thank you for partnering with us. Nate helps Unto with their finances, two of his teammates help the other two Cru ministries. Your partnership is making a difference in Los Angeles. We are grateful for you!

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